Finca Romantica  


Q: The dia show (Menu) isn´t working. What should I do? A: After the click on the menu you select and mark "Finca Romántica". Than you click on "Foto Show" and it should work. You can regulate the speed or stop the show to have a better look at single pictures.

Q: Is it easy to find the house? A: Yes, with the confirmation of your reservation you will get a  email with a link to our customer web site. There you will find a detailed and relevant description of the approch.

Q: Can I get to the Finca with a normal car? A: No, at the moment we highly recommend you to use a 4*4 cross country car. A small one like a Suzuki Jimney or Vitara is sufficient.

Q: If I want to book the Finca Romántica, what should I do? How do I get a confirmation for the booking? A: In the menu (contact) you will find a complete description with a specimen of the contract etc.

Q: Is it possible to transfer the amount of the damage deposit instead of sending a cheque? A: Yes, of course. In this case please send us your account details (number of account, IBAN, etc) so that we can transfer the money back at the end of your stay.

Q: Are there fixed days for arrival or departure? A: No, most of the guests arrive on Saturday or Sunday but you can start your holiday every day of the week.

Q: How do you calculate the rent if my holiday ends in a different holiday season? A: You pay exactly the number of days in every season.

Q: We will arrive very early at the Málaga Airport / our departure is very late in the evening / is it possible to arrive earlier at the house/ is it possible to leave the house later as mentioned in the general renting conditions? A: In the general renting conditions the start of the rent is at 3 o clock p.m. and the end at 10 o clock a.m. This is necessary to prepare the house for the next guest. They have a right to find a clean house when they arrrive as you do. Of course, if there are unrented days before or after your holiday we can agree other times with you without any costs.

Q: This is a no-smoking house and I´m a smoker. Is it possible for me to rent the Finca Romántic? A: Please understand that smoking is absolutely not allowed in the house. If you keep this requirement, you smoke only outside and you dispose of your cigarette stubs you can rent the house. We - and the guests coming after you - trust that you keep this rule! Notice: Especially in the dry summer cigaretes are very, very dangerous! You are responsible for all fire damages caused by your cigarrete!

Q: Can we bring our pets with us? A: Cats are not allowed (allergy of many people). Other animals only with prior consultation.

Q: We will arrive on a Sunday. Where can we buy something to eat for the following morning? A: On Sunday big shopping centres are closed. If you inform us at least a week before your arrival we can try to arrange a few purchases for you so that you are supplied at least with all you need for the breakfast on the Monday morning. Please understand that we can´t arrange bulk purchases.

Q: Where is the best place to buy food when I´m on my way to the house? A: Driving from the airport to the Finca Romántica you have to leave the highway at the exit "Velez Málaga". There you will find under the highway a roundabout with an approch to a very bis shopping center "El Ingenio" with the hypermarket "Eroski". There you can buy everything.

Q: Are there enough places in the region to visit during our holiday? A: Yes, even if you drive or hike every day you would need more than two or three holidays to see everything. In the information map in the house you will find a lot of ideas.

If you need further information please don´t hesitate to contact us!